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Visual Identity Developement

Visual identity is one of the most important parts of a company, at The Ridge, our clients' art direction and what it represents is more than important. Our entire marketing strategy is tied to your visual development, whether you already have a branding, are launching your business or want to start your identity from scratch, our designers will create and develop designs that will create an Edge between you and your competitors.


What do we do?

Creating a visual identity is complex, however, our service includes full development from market research to final product, including color research, documentation, logo design, motion design, social posts and more. Your brand will be more than complete and will include all the important aspects for you to grow while having an eye-catching identity.



All our Designers have more than 5 years of work experience and experience in various fields, we have worked with companies from Cinema, Talents Agency, Sports Team, Auto Runner, Photographer and more. The Ridge's Creative Agency all have extensive backgrounds and portfolios that have been trained to give any company the best possible result.

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